Xepera, xeper, Xeperu

"I have Come Into Being, and by the Process of my Coming In to Being, the Process of Coming Into Being Is Established."

A foot in each world...

A foot in each world... 

Once again, I went to write something, had such a great idea of what to write and that moment the blog posting screen flickered up, I lost most of it. Most of what I was going to say and write.  Typical.  Perhaps it's an indicator that maybe I shouldn't write what I should want to say.  Or perhaps I should write it and when I have it, I should take great care and hold onto it.  Either way, it's what I wanted to write and what I ended up not intending to write.  I digress.

A friend once told me "you have a uniqueness of having a foot in each world"... "You embrace the old adage of being in this world, but not of it".

I take great care of realizing this game here in this world, the material world.  And I know that even though it's not all there is, I manage and traverse the material world quite well. I do so because I keep a foot not only in the material world, but all the while there's the other foot in the other world.  Call it the spiritual world, mystical world, magical world, whatever the fuck you want to call it.  It's a range. It ranges from the sad poet Keats to the wild magician Crowley. Quite the contrast of views and range of personality.

What I wanted to say, was lost.

Lost in my original thought. Thanks to this shitty laptop constantly crashing it’s network adapter.

Interrupting my train of thought.

Thus thence train of thought lost. Like biting into a lemon and before the tinge takes hold, it goes away.

You get the point.

Essentially what I was trying to say was-It’s ok to have one foot in the material world and another foot in whatever world you want to call it. That balance is key. To me at least, it’s key. Not only for navigational purposes but for sanity and working semblance. Spiritual materialism and spiritual bypassing are pitfalls. Dangerous pitfalls of unending perpetual losing of oneself, never seeing through it.

One cannot and should not rely only on the insights gained from a spiritual path, but also take into consideration the material path. Keep that balance, or get lost.

You will never find anything only in one space.

If you think you do, then you’re fooling yourself and selling yourself short.

You’ll be stuck in a double binary loop and not even know it.

You’ll become a sad guru only onto yourself.. a legend in your own mind. Don’t do that. You'll find nothing if you do so. Mental masturbation will only follow and get reciprocated in that loop. 

You're getting there.. keep pushing...keep going...stay strong... DO.

Without that balance, the delusion, Apep sits in wait for you.

You’ll trip and fall into delusion on either side. Keep that balance. One foot in one world, the other foot in the other world. Walk that line, and you’ll be fine.



The truth, really isn't

gentleness... Stop, Drop, and Roll...