Xepera, xeper, Xeperu

"I have Come Into Being, and by the Process of my Coming In to Being, the Process of Coming Into Being Is Established."

Runa's Puzzle

Runa's Puzzle


"Runa is that which is hidden, perpetually beyond the grasp of the intellect. By attaining levels of understanding of what was previously hidden, we push back the barriers and in the process create even greater Mysteries Beyond."  -Stephen Flowers

As you traverse your universe and walk along the path, you start collecting various pieces of information. Puzzle pieces, if you will. Puzzle pieces that Runa lead you to, nudged you to pick up.

Along the path, you pick up pieces here and there.  None of the pieces fit quite yet, but you gather them as the pull of mystery (Runa) nudges you to gather them up for later use.  That glimpse of something... that book... that sentence in a book... something someone said to you... something you heard someone say to someone else....even just a wandering thought...experiences...the list goes on.  All of those pieces, those bits of information you've kept...

On a table or a wall, perhaps floating in front of you- there's a frame to which I call the Initiatory Framework.  A place to start putting together the pieces.  Runa's Puzzle pieces she has so cleverly and mysteriously presented to you. To start arranging the pieces of information in the Framework. A place to start sorting and putting it all together.  Some of puzzle pieces start fitting together. Forming images.  Forming understandings. Forming something.  A few clusters form a cat.  Some form a tree.  The cat and the tree don't connect yet.  Then a car. The space between begins to fill and information begins to connect to other information.  Is that a cat driving a car into a tree!?

The pieces start to fit together.  Not altogether. Just in various clusters but you start seeing correlations, gaining deeper insight about your current work, experiencing synchronicities, maybe even managing a few synchronicities.  Essence deepens.  The NeterSelf's eyes grow wider, panoramic...The Black Flame is fanned. Consciousness grows....Isolate intelligence crystallizes more.

Then, one day you notice the frame is full. The puzzle is complete... Here's the kicker though: You notice there are extra pieces. Those extra pieces start forming images outside the frame.  The Framework has expanded. Could Runa's Puzzle Frame, the Initatory Framework expansion be a form of Remanifestation? A form of Xeper?  A form of conscious evolution?   Perhaps all of the above or sometimes one of them. Or sometimes none of them but something else. 





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