Xepera, xeper, Xeperu

"I have Come Into Being, and by the Process of my Coming In to Being, the Process of Coming Into Being Is Established."

Soften. Choronzon's tea party isn't what you think it is...

Lots of feedback on these recent posts.  My answer-  isn't an answer but mostly to say that I don't define or take the you anywhere. Am I supposed to?  I don't openly say nor convey what I want to say.  Which is the point.  I am not to take you anywhere. I won't and shouldn't. What I write makes sense to me but what makes sense to you, as you read it, probably comes off as abstract, provocative, offensive, etc.. Though it is not my intent, well it kind of is, unintentionally.

I am not going to drive you around and show you sites and places. That corner isn't where I fell off my bike and skinned my knee nor is it that tree the place where I had my first kiss.

My intent is nothing but often times just a ramble, let you read, and let you gain your own conclusion. Because I have no conclusion let alone a conclusion to pass on to to you.  The prose of my blog is not the ordinary blog.  I'm not reporting anything, I'm not conveying anything. I merely ramble in a way that the words should speak to you on their own, if anything.  Besides, isn't anything you read in the "voice" of yourself?  Solipsism has it's value at times.

What's left?

That's for you to decide.

I walk into the darkest places of the cosmos with my own flashlight.  To light up that darkness.  On the way, I may see other lights off in the dark areas but that's not my light.  A wink and a nod to my friends/shining stars out there.   I see those lights off in the distance, it may be an acknowledgement to know there are others out here.  I know I am mostly not alone in that fact when I see glimpses of lights and lamps bouncing around there in the darker places of the cosmos.

But isn't that not a place for your own creation? A place for you yourself and myself to go and tread boldly and proudly?

Be it the places of your mind you haven't visited? Those places you've feared to visit? 

To quote a friend-

"The left hand path is psyche-centric. This means among other things, that the individual psyche, that is to say the individual, is the ultimate Arbiter of meaning and value. Your family does not know what is right for you. Politicians don't know what is right for you. The same goes for your church, book club, gym, local bar. Or any other Collective pool of wisdom. " _-Lloyd Keane, Black Horizons Perspectives

It is on you.  As it should be.

I know lately I have been a little "harsh" and "without direction" in my writing.  But that's the underlying point. Was I really harsh and ambiguous or was that just you seeing such?  I most often won't come to a point nor give any direction.  I just splatter something that comes to mind on this blog.  A spaghetti noodle tossed on the wall.  If it sticks, cool. If you grab the noodle and bite into it to confirm something, that it's al dente', overdone, or underdone.  Or if you look at the noodle on the wall and wonder what the fuck it's doing there.  All of the above observations are fine. None of the above observations are quite fine as well.  As for a conclusion. There isn't one.  The conclusion, is yours. Not mine. Never has been.  Look back to every post even from 9 years ago.  I never and haven't intended such.  It's just prose.  And as I have said in the past- Good prose is a slow walk over gentle terrain.

I think everything I ever post has an underlying theme of-  You are the ultimate will.  You are the final say of what your path is.  I will not dictate and give you any sort of conclusion nor answer.  Light that torch up in that dark cosmos and go.  You'll see my torch out there too.  A brilliant neutron star, in fact.

Become who you are.



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Runa's Puzzle

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