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"I have Come Into Being, and by the Process of my Coming In to Being, the Process of Coming Into Being Is Established."

Psychospiritual Anarchy

Psychospiritual Anarchy

Psychospiritual: Of, involving, or relating to the interrelation of psychology and spirituality.

Anarchy: A state of rebellion against any authority, established order or ruling power. From the Greek word anarkhos- ‘without a ruler’ [An (without) arkos (ruler)]

Psychospiritual Anarchy: Liberation from mass-established psychological conditioning and mass-established ruling spiritualities.

For some, this may be hard to grasp. Others, they'd get the term Psychospiritual Anarchy the moment they read those two words next to each other. 

Most people, whether they like it or not, are byproducts of their upbringing, environment, memes, religions, etc.

Obedient to reacting mechanically. Obedient to their DNA's survival mode. 

Under the unconscious influence of their subconscious which was shaped by ideas not your own.

Unaware that their day-to-day is most often just being on autopilot, at the whim of every emotion, random thought, past traumas, various psychological programming and consensus reality matrix conditioning.  Ultimately, a mechanistic amalgam of laws and ideas that are not your own.

Laws, ideas, emotions, thoughts that are not your own.  They never were your own.

Ultimately also, at the obedience of biology… DNA.  To spread on human life/DNA via having children. Protecting those children so they can do the same.  Protecting that territory, grasping for dominance, sticking with the safety of familiarity. All so that more humans/DNA are created. DNA being sort of a meme in itself. 

But our DNA is attached to body, which is attached to mind, which is attached to consciousness.  The unnatural born in nature.  

We can break free from our multiple conditioning, programs, ideas, and laws.  Laws imposed upon us not by ourselves, not by our individual consciousnesses. 

I'm not talking the edgy, cool, rebelling just to rebel either.  This isn't fashionable, edgy, trendy, neat, cool, or easy.  Most actions of dissent aren't easy for many reasons. 

To quote Spinoza, his last note from his book Ethics- 

"If salvation lay ready to hand and could be discovered without great labor, how could it be possible it should be neglected almost by everybody?  But all noble things are as difficult as they are rare."

This is work.  This is work towards a state of mind AND a state of being. This is work towards freedom.  The freedom to choose to act and live consciously instead of mechanically.  The freedom to actually realize the masses have been spoon-fed how to live, act, behave, and live.  Freedom from culture, society and  religion as well as meme's (real memetics, not pictures with text in them).  Culture, society and most religions are memes within themselves, in my opinion.  Even the new age movement seems like even a controlling meme of spiritual and psychological control in itself.  A lot of these current new age folks with thousands of followers and books sold have watered down lots of ancient occult technologies and called them their own technologies so that they are easier to swallow and appeal to more masses.  Don't believe me?  The "Law Of Attraction" is watered down and re-labeled version of Thaumaturgy.  It would be something else if the technology was extended and modernized.  But it's not even close.  I'm sure the intentions were once there but egos get in the way and take over if they go unchecked and overfed.  I'm digressing and getting off track.  That's a whole other conversation for another time. Energy and time I need not waste. I'm already going against gravity and inertia in a way. I don't care to wage any wars.  And whatever makes you feel good and happy, that's yours.  I'm calling out to those that seek true liberation from any dogma and school of thought that is not your own.  I'm fanning the Black Flame and the potentiality of sparking new flames.  And in no way whatsoever am I proselytizing or preaching. 

How do you get there?  Where's the map?  There isn't a map because the map is not the territory just like the menu is not the food.  The information is not the space.  But there are tools to leave Plato's Cave successfully.  My tools are not your tools.  Everyone's way to freedom is different.   As for detailed work of this method- More to come… and there is a book in the making…

-- This post is more of a declaration and placeholder for my own method of the Great Work, personal and spiritual development.--



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God Cannibalism

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