Xepera, xeper, Xeperu

"I have Come Into Being, and by the Process of my Coming In to Being, the Process of Coming Into Being Is Established."

God Cannibalism

God Cannibalism

Devour the gods.

Is not a practice of Catholicism to eat the flesh of Jesus and drink his blood?

You in the pews- hold my beer…

I don't do it for communion. I do it for absorption.  I do it for distillation.


Invoke the Wendigo.  Channel the Dhoola.  Call to Cthulu.  Evoke Galactus.

I am eternally famished for knowledge. May my plate never be empty.  May the feasting table never be absent of plates.

Ingest the gods.

Distill their ethereal blood and condense the vapors and serve it to me on the rocks.

Strip their ethereal flesh from the bone and consume it.

Crush those ethereal bones to powder and snort them.

Fuel for my becoming.  Fuel for the growth into godhood.

Essence remains…

Strip every philosophy, every religion, every idea. All of it.  Smash the philosophers toolkit.  Burn down the Bodhi Tree. Put a treehouse on the top branch of Yggdrasil.  Pulverize Moses's stone tablets into dust.  What remains is Essence.  That's the true stuff of the gods.  Not their bodies, their flesh, their blood, or their bones.  The Essence is all that really matters and is all that's needed.

And even then, expand the menu. I want more.  My appetite will not stop. Bring on more dishes of the gods. You get it.




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