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Apep On Steroids- Polarized & Binary Thought

Apep On Steroids- Polarized & Binary Thought

It's not 0's and 1's anymore…  Quantum computing is evolving. So why can't the general population do the same? 

This current clinically polarized political climate seems to be bleeding over to other parts of humanity.  Gurdjieff called it being "3rd Force Blind."

Not liking Trump means you must like Hillary.  -No it doesn't. 

If you are against building a border wall means you must be for illegal immigration. -Wrong again.

Either you're republican or you’re a democrat. - Still, wrong again.

Ether you're Christian or you're anti-Christian.  -Way off base and don't get me started down that rabbit hole.

Now, that binary thinking is growing and leaching.  And it's making me uneasy where it's headed.

Are we truly in the tail-end of the Kali Yuga?  Has the whole of humanity hit its peak of evolution?  I sure as hell hope not but signs show otherwise.   I'd like to think it's a severe growing pain.  Critical Thinking and Discernment are 2 of my most utilized working tools when navigating these troubled waters.  They're also working tools that don't seem to be in the majority of humanity's toolkit. 

It could be that the ratio of Black Flame (individual consciousness) to populous is very low and there's not enough of that Flame to go around.  Isolate Intelligence is seems difficult to grasp let alone harness for most.  I'm not being elitist saying such.  I am not in the mind of you nor are you in the mind of me. 

But why has this clinical polarization and extreme binary thinking become so prevalent over the course of a little over a year?  Thinking of a true memetic study here- what meme is either in its death throws trying to fight for survival or it's growing into an even bigger demented beast to resemble the Egyptian god Apep on steroids?  Apep is known as an evil god of chaos, destruction, stasis, and sleep.  Kind of strange to think of a god that has such traits chaos and stasis.  Apep was also known to be slain by Set every morning as the Barque of Ra floated up with the dawn.  Apep could never be entirely vanquished… So it's a battle every day.  Why has this battle become bigger and bolder? 

And more immortally- how do I not let it get to me, fall off the Barque and into the turbulent waters of mindlessness, polarized go-nowhere debates, hateful discourse that benefits anyone?  That shit is hard for me to wash off.  Armadillo-thick skin doesn't prevent it's saturation.  A level head, mindful awareness of thought , and critical thinking does.  This meme I referred to earlier is viral,  very contagious, and detrimental to its hosts sanity and wellbeing. All merely for its own survival.

So, what to do about all this?  Now that I've identified the memetic virus beast, so what?  What now? Stay the course, remain vigilant, debug my system on regular basis.  Check-in with myself if I feel it's tendrils coming my direction.  Keep my working tools firmly held in my hands rather than fists.  Try to not trade the fiddle for the war drum. Don't meet the fist with an open hand but rather walk around the fists.  There's much more on how to handle this but I think you get the picture I'm trying to paint. 

Those of you out there that share my observation and feelings, keep seeing it. Keep your eyes wide open.  Deal with it your own way but always try remember to be mindful of using actual energy and thought to keep aware of it and try not to feed it.  I think it's too toxic to even try to transmutate it for your benefit.

Starve it.

…Hopefully, that if we continue to starve it, we will watch it wither away into malnourishment to stop growing, and with great hope, its eventual death. Death to binary thought and absolutism.  Again, this no longer a world of 0's and 1's.  It never was.  Quantum computing has proven such.  Let's begin to model our modes of thought that way as well. 




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